In all of life there is nothing as important as knowing Jesus.

He is God the creators Son.

He became a real man and walked among us. He declared the true character of His Father God. He gave us insight into the heart and intent of God's goodness. He taught us that "God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all."

Jesus taught us in His life-style to love one-another, to be compassionate, kind, gentle, humble, patient, tolerant and forgiving.  He enlightened us to not judge one-another, to consider our words the disclosure of our hearts and invited us to trust in His goodness and that of His Father God.

None of these are easy ...especially as we look at our world that seems to exist for it's own satisfaction.  The pain of life and the turmoil of just trying to stay alive sometimes seems in itself to contradict the presence of a God intending good for us.

Making Jesus Real is an act of faith, just like a child trust and believes. It is accepting that Jesus is alive today.  His teachings and heart-felt desire for us is only good.  His desire to heal and touch us with peace, hope and well-being is as alive today as when he walked among the religiously blind, the politically captive and the broken, oppressed people of Israel so long ago.

He has the power to heal, to meet our needs, to set us free, to comfort and guide us.

...and we have the power to let Him love us, to touch our lives and make us whole.

Making Jesus Real is accepting the gift of God through Jesus. That gift being that Jesus while on this earth was crucified to death as the only acceptable sacrifice to the Almighty God to pay for our sins.

Making Jesus Real is choosing to believe that on the 3rd day God raised Jesus from the dead and then let His spirit in and help you to believe.

Making Jesus Real is letting yourself accept Jesus into your heart and seeking to know Him.

In the months to come as this web-site develops we hope to introduce you to the music, cards, theater, art, books and video that are a part of our commitment to "Making Jesus Real" to as many as possible.  The Ministry of Making Jesus Real is not only a historical look or a re-enactment of who Jesus was, but rather an intimate portrayal of who Jesus is and has been to us.

But most important, Let Jesus Be Real To You.
Just talk to Him. He hears your heart,
...ask Him to be REAL TO YOU.

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What is Making Jesus Real?